Coving is a great way to add character to your room.

Especially if you have bright-coloured walls, white coving gives the room a heightened look. Various coving styles are available, and our team has undertaken many common and unique projects.

Apart from making the ceiling look higher than it is, coving also gives a great definition to the room. It gives it a finished, decorative, and modern look.

What Is Coving?

Coving is a decorative feature installed between the wall and the ceiling. Decorative coving usually comes ready-made.

Many videos are available online to help you DIY fit the coving. However, it is not recommended since our team knows just how much material the coving needs to fit between the ceiling and the wall.

We can provide expert coving installation in Glasgow to make your coving installation neat and safe. This way, you don’t have to stay cautious about the coving falling every time you hammer a nail into the wall or accidentally push furniture hard on the wall.

Who Needs This?

You need coving in your Glasgow home if your room is not well lit. Also, if you feel that your room is not spacious or needs a modern touch, coving can be a great add-on to a room.

Coving is also a great choice if you want your wallpaper to stand out. You can also add coloured coving to your pastel-colored rooms to define the walls and make the room look appealing.

Benefits of Coving

Coving not only adds aesthetic appeal to a room, but also gives some other advantages:

Increase Property Value

If you’re looking to rent out or sell your property, you might want to include coving in your to-do list before you put it on the market. Coving can help add a modern touch to any room, thus increasing the value of your property. It is the same as staging your house, only cheaper.

Minimize the Effect of Dark Colored Walls

If you want to go for a dark color like black or navy blue on one of the walls, the room is bound to appear smaller. This is because the dark color absorbs the light. Adding white coving in Glasgow houses between the wall and ceiling is a great way to minimise this effect, making the room look spacious.

Conceal Ceiling cracks

Homes are built on sand. Sometimes even new homes settle in the sand, resulting in cracks. Minor ceiling cracks are nothing to worry about, but they can make the room look quite unappealing. You can add a coving to conceal these cracks.

However, make sure a professional like Plasterer Glasgow is doing the job since poorly installed coving can also reveal cracks quickly if not installed correctly.

Add Splendor when Remodeling

If you want to add wall lights to brighten up a room, coving installation in Glasgow can certainly add more splendor to the room.

Coving & Plastering

We can help with any size of project, from small to large.

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