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Home is where the heart is. So many of us have vivid, detailed pictures in our minds of what our dream home should look like. However, when you see the half-done mess during the construction process, it doesn’t quite fit with the look you imagined.

We’re the leading company for plastering in Glasgow. With over 10 years of experience in the business, we know just what you want. So, whether it is a small home improvement or renovation task, or a full-fledged plastering service, we have the expertise and the human resources to do the work.

We offer plastering services in Glasgow within a 20-mile radius of the city. The team we have is specialised in tasks big and small.

We know how important finding the right craftsman is for any job. Plastering gives a smooth and finished look to the walls. So, you can get a smooth, blank canvas to style your home in whichever way you like.

So, whether you like bold, bright colors or want a subtle painted look, our specialists will recommend you quality solutions. The base will determine what the outcome looks like. You can also go for wallpapers that complement the furnishings in your home.

What We Do

We offer all finishing services for your home and commercial space. Below are the services that you can contact us for:


When you are getting a house built, adding a unit, or renovating the house, your plastering needs will vary. Skimming is an excellent option for a fresh look on the wall.

Skimming means adding a thin coat of plaster on the walls. This provides you with a smooth, blank canvas to paint or glue on wallpaper.

Hard plastering

If you want a smooth wall finish for bolder color choices or want to leave the wall plain, a hard-plastered look is the way to go. This will give a thick plaster coat to your wall. Then, thanks to its weathered finish, you can leave it as it is.

If you want to paint on the surface, you will have to wait 5-6 days for the plaster to dry completely.

Insurance reinstatement

When you are getting construction work done, any disasters or incidents on the site mean a complete utilisation of the insurance coverage.

Plasterers can help you reinstate this coverage by thoroughly examining the incident and providing the insurance company with the details it needs to reinstate the insurance.

Artex Removal

Textured coatings were quite popular in the previous decade. But when you are getting a renovation or remodeling, you would want your house to have a modern look. For this, you need to remove the Artex before you can work on the wall.

Also, at times asbestos was used for the textures. Unfortunately, this was when people were not aware of the dangers of the substance. So, if you know that your walls are textured with asbestos, you should get in touch with us to safely remove the substance.

Our professionals do a quick and neat job at Artex removal, followed by a re-plastering or skimming of the surface to give your wall that smooth finish.


Coving between the ceiling and the wall is quite popular these days. Our team has experience in various designs that will make your room look exquisite. We can also offer colour guidance to make your room look more spacious.

Why Choose A Plasterer in Glasgow?Here are 7 Reasons Why

We take pride in our team of experts, our work ethic, and a number of satisfied customers. But for you, here are other reasons why you should choose us for your project:

Our team has the tools and experience to carry out plastering services for residential and commercial projects.

Our dry-lining experts will provide you with an all-in-one package for your project.

We have multiple decades of combined industry experience, which reflects in our work ethic and the quality we deliver.

Our team gives an accurate estimate for your plastering needs.

Our team comprises CHAS, SMAS, and British Gypsum-approved contractors.

Our customer service representatives can quickly respond to any queries and concerns you may have.

If you have any specific requirements, our team can conduct a detailed meeting with you and plan accordingly.

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