Artex is a popular interior design which dates to the ‘70s and 80’s.

This design type used plaster of paris and other materials to give raised textures and patterns on walls and ceilings. It is essentially a thick coating of the wall surface to add dimensions done by plastering professionals decades ago. Over time, interior aesthetics have changed.

What is Artex Removal?

Aertex was initially made using white asbestos that helped give it finishing and structure. However, in early 2000, the dangers of asbestos became common knowledge. Artex removal is the process of using special wet systems to remove textured walls to limit the spread of airborne asbestos in your home.

Removing Artex using a wet system ensures that harmful asbestos isn’t released. For example, when the textured wall is being sanded, the dust particles can be quite deadly if inhaled. This may result in asbestos poisoning, which requires immediate medical attention.

Our company uses meticulous techniques to ensure the safe removal of Artex, whether on walls or ceilings.

The Danger of Asbestos

Asbestos has been used as a construction material since the 1800s until it was discovered to be harmful to humans. It is a mineral which, in powder form, is carcinogenic and has been shown to increase the chances of developing cancer and tumours.

It is commonly found in old homes in the following structures:

  • Cement boards and sheets
  • Roofing felt
  • Steam pipe insulations
  • Floor tiles made from vinyl
  • Textured paint
  • Textured wall material

Removing Artex is a job for plastering professionals, as sanding old walls can release these carcinogens into the air, making your home a safety hazard. It is advisable to get in touch with us if your home was built 10 years ago.

Who Needs Artex Removal?

Many homes built before the early 2000s have textured walls, which means there is the danger of asbestos. Interior design has also transformed over the years, and homeowners prefer modern and minimalist walls instead.

Artex removal Glasgow is becoming a popular service amongst clients. Besides health and safety reasons, clients remove Artex for numerous reasons:

  • To put their house on the market
  • To get rid of asbestos
  • To reinforce walls
  • To improve the structural integrity of their homes
  • To upgrade their home’s interior design
  • To change the look of their walls
  • To improve the safety of their home

Benefits of Artex Removal?

Removing Artex is a job for plasters in the Glasgow area. When dealing with harmful substances like asbestos, it’s crucial homeowners enlist the help of professionals who can safely survey and conduct the removal process.

There are many benefits of removing Artex:

  • Improves the market value of your home
  • Upgrades your home’s aesthetics
  • Strengthens the structural integrity of your homes
  • Makes it appealing to young families
  • Reduces the risk of asbestos-related health conditions
  • Enhances the overall quality of your property

For Artex removal and site surveys, contact the best plastering professionals in Glasgow to get a quote and the next steps. If you suspect something in your home contains asbestos, do not touch it, and contact us here.

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